On January 27th, 2016, the 3D Medtech Printing Conference took place at MECC Maastricht in The Netherlands.

The 3D Medtech Printing Conference was part of the 3D Medical Expo, an event that included a two-day exhibition and three other conferences besides the 3D Medtech Printing Conference:

The event was successful, attracting over 700 international attendees, speakers, exhibitors and visitors, providing great intellectual and social interaction for the participants.

Who was there to speak?

International leading speakers from renowned companies and institutions such as Maastricht University Medical Centre, Department Orthopaedic Surgery, Philips/Smit Röntgen, Autodesk, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, IDEE, e-Nable, Ultimaker, z3dlab, Axon Advocaten and Breca Health Care shared their knowledge on 3D medtech printing topics.

A photo impression of the 3D Medtech Printing Conference and all the conferences during 3D Medical Expo can be found here.

Find more about the program of the 2016 edition here.

What happened

Speakers and participants lined up to showcase and discuss aspects related to 3D Medtech Printing.

Insights into the speakers’ presentations at the conference:

  • José Manuel Baena Martinez, CEO, Breca Health Care, about “Patient Specific Implants – Success Cases”: “In order to reach the best possible outcomes, patient’s individualities should be taken into account, off-the shelf solutions are therefore limited in this particularity. The solution is patient-specific implants that perfectly fit the patient’s anatomy and guarantee optimum results.”
  • Erik Vollebregt, Lawyer, Axon Advocaten about “3D Printing of Medical Devices: Legal and Regulatory Issues”: “3D printing of medical devices is currently not explicitly addressed by medical devices regulation and will not be addressed specifically in impending new medical devices regulation either. This presentation will discuss the legal and regulatory requirements for 3D printing of medical devices under current and future law.”
  • Peter Hoogerhuis, Manager Operations, Philips/Smit Röntgen, about “Additive Manufacturing: The Next Step in Making CT Components”: “Owning a 3D printer is only the beginning of the process – what is most important is the process knowledge. Next to this, what else do we need for ramping-up to larger volumes? The answer to this question is not as obvious as you would expect. Complexity of processes, varying cycle times and traceability makes lean manufacturing within the 3D printing process industry environment a true challenge. The journey from a prototype phase to large volume production brings lots of learning opportunities and experiences to share.”

Who attended?

The conference gathered many international attendees and speakers from renowned companies, governmental organisations, research and educational institutes and consultancy firms.

We want to thank all speakers, partners and attendees for their presence.

The attendees can download presentations from the conference here.

We hope to see you again at the next edition of the 3D Medtech Printing Conference or one of the other conferences of Jakajima!

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