Medviso is Silver Partner of 3D Medtech Printing Conference

Medviso is Silver Partner of the Online 3D Medtech Printing Conference, which will take place on February 2, 2021, 12:00 – 16:00 CET. REGISTER HERE to attend.

Medviso is your collaboration partner for medical 3D printing and 3D modeling needs. We strive to deliver world-leading validated medical software solutions with efficient and adaptable segmentation tools.

Medviso is a Swedish medical technology company that empowers the medical 3D printing community with our software solution Segment 3DPrint.

Medviso provides clinical software solutions for quantitative cardiacMRI/CT analysis and 3DPrinting.

For research purposes Medviso offers freely available software solution Segment giving the possibility for all researchers around the world to use an extensively validated software solution for image analysis.

The close collaboration with Lund Cardiac MR Group at Lund University and Skåne University Hospital empower us to develop the best tools for image analysis for both clinical and research purposes.

3D Medtech Printing Conference focuses on applications of 3D printing in Health Care: medical implants, surgical guides, surgical instruments, medical devices and hearing aids. The conference will showcase the work of researchers and industry in the 3D Medtech Printing field and its applications, with a view to fostering closer ties and collaborations. The overall goal of this conference is to address both the technologies and the applications — from early technology development to downstream applications.

3D Medtech Printing Conference is part of 3D Medical Printing Series which includes four LIVE ONLINE conferences during two weeks: 3D Bioprinting Conference [January 26], 3D Dental Printing Conference [January 28], 3D Medtech Printing Conference [February 2], 3D Pharma Printing Conference [February 4].

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