High Maturity FE models for patient-specific, optimised medical devices

A presentation by Franz Bormann, Research Engineer at The Materials innovation institute (M2I). He is a solution driven and passionate individual with substantial knowledge and understanding of deep tech. Ability to effectively communicate a vision in an enthusiastic and compelling manner.

Affinity for complex technical challenges and efficiently solving them in a joint effort. Prefers premeditated decisions reached by listening carefully to all options before reaching a conclusion. Displays persistence and a certain stubbornness in the completion of tasks. Stimulated by sustainability and societal growth. Strong multicultural mindset due to a German background, an exchange study in Sweden, internship in the US, PhD position in the Netherlands, and a Sabbatical in South-East Asia.

About M2i
The Materials innovation institute, long established in the Netherlands and with a growing profile in Europe, is an enabler in materials innovation. Our core mission is to support industry and society in finding solutions for materials-related questions in product development and production processes.

As a network organization specialized in materials research, we collaborate with industry, academia and research institutes. By deploying the knowledge and talent of our partners and in-house experts, M2i drives economic prosperity, environmental progress and societal advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders. M2i links its activities to the European market and top European innovators, thus strengthening its position as an international player in materials innovation.

What we offer
As of 2015, M2i has a new organizational structure, combining the renowned research institute with a portfolio of commercial services for our existing and new partners in industry, academia and other research institutes. As you explore our website we hope that you will be inspired by the many and varied opportunities to be gained through a partnership with M2i.

Science Programs
We enable and manage materials-related projects between industry, academia and research institutes. In The Netherlands and Europe. We realize custom-made solutions by defining dedicated projects and looking for partners with the right expertise or to share development costs.

Translating the knowledge generated from Science into new or improved products and services is crucial to providing economic gains for industry and society at large. M2i has an impressive track record in turning scientific outputs into value for business.

Franz Bormann is speaker at the 2022 edition of the 3D MedTech Printing Conference.

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