4D Biomaterials – so what’s new?

Philip Smith

presentation by Philip Smith, CEO, 4D Biomaterials

4D Biomaterials is introducing a new class of 3D printing resin-inks for medical applications. In this first public presentation of the company’s technology, we will outline the unique properties of the materials including their biocompatibility, degradation/resorption behaviour and physical characteristics.

program: https://www.3dmedtechprintingconference.com/program/

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Prescription Smart Glasses, where Medical Devices and Smart Tech converge

Guido Groet

presentation by Guido Groet, Chief Strategy Officer, Luxexcel

Luxexcel has developed a unique technology to 3D print prescription lenses. This technology is currently being used to create traditional prescription lenses offering efficiency and eco friendliness. The next major breakthrough of 3D printing of lenses will be in Smart Prescription lenses for consumers where many major mobile device companies use the technology to create smart glasses where the smart devices are encapsulated in a prescription lens to make the complete Smart Glasses comparable to regular Prescription Eyewear.

program: https://www.3dmedtechprintingconference.com/program/

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Medviso is Silver Partner of 3D Medtech Printing Conference


Medviso is Silver Partner of the Online 3D Medtech Printing Conference, which will take place on February 2, 2021, 12:00 – 16:00 CET. REGISTER HERE to attend.

Medviso is your collaboration partner for medical 3D printing and 3D modeling needs. We strive to deliver world-leading validated medical software solutions with efficient and adaptable segmentation tools.

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