Rational design for 3D printable spinal orthoses

Nowadays, we see 3D printing technologies emerging in the healthcare system through the generation of 3D Labs in hospitals that have been shown important to improve patient care. By giving physicians the autonomy to use 3D technologies, it allows them to design and deliver personalized solutions that, for critical cases, best fit the patient’s needs. However, it is still missing a way to deliver such solutions in an integrated and streamlined way.
This presentation will show you how do we, in the 3DMED project, developed a structured workflow to integrate digital 3D printing technologies applied to the design and manufacturing of scoliosis braces.

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3DMed – Bring the 3D Printing Technology Closer to Routine Clinical Applications


3DMed is an ongoing multi-national project, financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund. In this short presentation, the background, main objectives and expected results will be introduced. It is intended to attract the interest of potential users, for example, hospitals, software houses, the medical device industry and other service providers, in the uptake of the 3D printing technology for advanced medical treatment to benefit a large patient population across Europe.

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