Integration of Personalization in Healthcare

How AI is enabling Personalization in Healthcare. A presentation by Diana Skopina, Medical 3D Point of Care Ambassador at Materialise Medical. She is motivated by the innovation within AM industry, direct impact of the medical software, anatomical modelling and surgical planning on the patient outcomes, personalization of the healthcare. Diana is genuinely passionate about what I do and I achieved it by creating a link between Life Sciences and 3d printing.

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Rational design for 3D printable spinal orthoses

Nowadays, we see 3D printing technologies emerging in the healthcare system through the generation of 3D Labs in hospitals that have been shown important to improve patient care. By giving physicians the autonomy to use 3D technologies, it allows them to design and deliver personalized solutions that, for critical cases, best fit the patient’s needs. However, it is still missing a way to deliver such solutions in an integrated and streamlined way.
This presentation will show you how do we, in the 3DMED project, developed a structured workflow to integrate digital 3D printing technologies applied to the design and manufacturing of scoliosis braces.

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Design and additive manufacturing of devices for orthotics and prosthetics


A presentation by Helda Pahlavani, Faculty of 3mE, Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Delft University of Technology.

The patient-specific (PS) design of prosthetics and orthotics is a common approach to design various medical devices (e.g., transtibial sockets). Such PS designs are based on the patient’s anatomy obtained from different medical imaging modalities thus allowing for better fixation and improving the patient’s comforts and enabling successful rehabilitation.

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